Picture Password for Windows 8

Microsoft is developing a new login method for the upcoming Windows 8. It is called Picture Password. It is designed for more secure login than password and makes good use of the capability of a touchscreen device e.g. tablet.

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Google Chrome 15 Overtakes Internet Explorer 8 as Most Popular Browser

According to StatCounter.com, Google Chrome 15 has overtaken Internet Explorer 8 and become world’s most popular browser in the last week of November 2011. Google Chrome 15 achieved a market share of 23.6% while Internet Explorer 8 stood at 23.5%.

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Microsoft to Upgrade Internet Explorer Automatically

Microsoft has announced plans to upgrade Internet Explorer automatically for users running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The upgrade will be done as part of the automatic Windows Update process to ensure the latest version of the browser is installed. Microsoft will roll out this service in January 2012, starting in Australia and Brazil first. It is good news for the internet users and web designers as it makes the internet more advanced and secure as a whole.

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New Data Transfer Speed World Record

An international team of scientists and engineers demonstrated a data transfer rate of 186 Gbps (gigibits per second) at the SuperComputing 2011 conference in Seattle in November 2011. The speed means the network can transfer 2 million GB of data in a day. This sets a new world record for the speed of data transfer across a wide area network and achieves a key milestone for the future of global network.

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Newton Papers on Cambridge Digital Library

The Cambridge University has scanned and put online thousands of pages of Newton’s papers and notes on the Internet. More papers are being scanned and made available in the near future. These notes are of historical value and can give an understanding of how this genius thought and worked hundreds of years ago.

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網頁寄存是一種讓網站能在互聯網上出現的資訊科技服務,通常網頁寄存也會提供電子郵件,FTP,網上數據庫功能。如要使用網頁寄存去運行一個網站,用戶需要一個域名,例如 camhosting.com.hk。域名是用作為網址和電郵域名,例如 @camhosting.com.hk。

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How to Use Web Hosting

Web hosting is the IT service which allows websites to appear on the internet. In general, web hosting also provides emails, FTP and online databases services. To use web hosting to run a website, a user will need a domain (such as camhosting.com.hk). This domain specifies the website address and the email domain (such as @camhosting.com.hk).

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Introducing Google Currents

Google Currents is a new service offered by Google to allow easy access to online newspaper, magazines and other content on mobile devices e.g. smartphones and tablets. Google Currents will come as an app for Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.

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Windows Store to Launch in 2012

Microsoft Windows runs on about 90% of all desktop and laptop computers. With its Windows 8 to be released in 2012, Microsoft is going to launch Windows Store which offers a one-stop market for developers to sell software applications to Windows users.

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Racetrack Memory Breakthrough

Racetrack memory is a type of computer data storage technique which makes use of magnetic nanowire and electric pulses to store data. It is a non-volatile memory which means data will stay on the racetrack memory like hard disks after power off. Racetrack memory is developed by IBM and the research team has recently demonstrated a working prototype with 256 racetrack cells.

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