Firefox 4 is launched!

Firefox 4 is launched late March 2011. It has already attracted millions of downloads. It comes with a lot of improvements. Let’s explore this new exciting in more details.

The new Firefox 4 adapts the minimalist design which is found in Google Chrome. It features a simple interface to allow taps to appear right at the top for easy browsing. All menu items you normally find in a “main toolbar” will now be contained in a single “Firefox” button. Access to tools is much easier this way as they are all at the same place. Bookmarks are also managed by a single “Bookmark” button. The location bar (where you enter website addresses) is also improved with smart features to learn your browsing habit and brings up website addresses as you type.

Other than easier interface, the key feature which most users are concerned is speed. Firefox 4 is much faster than its earlier versions. It also boosts a high speed Javascript engine which helps to process pages with lots of modern features much more quickly.

Firefox 4 also provides better support for HTML 5 and CSS3. It is a browser prepared for a new generation of browsing. You can download Firefox 4 here:

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