Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) is the latest version of Microsoft web browser. It was released in March 2011 and comes with many new features. With the launch of Internet Explorer 9, we now have a full range of new generation browsers – along with Firefox 4 and Google Chrome – which support HTML 5 and CSS3. On this basis, we can expect to see a new generation of websites which take advantage of these new browsers.

Internet Explorer 9 provides a much faster speed than its previous versions of browsers. It is faster to launch and becomes with a faster JavaScript processing engine. In particular, it features hardware accelerated text, video and graphics to boost its performance.

IE9 comes with a “New Tab” page which lists the favourite sites of the user when a new tab is opened. Like the similar feature in Google Chrome, this allows user to go to a frequently visited site in one click on a new tab.

It also provides a “Pinned Sites” feature which allow favourites sites to be pinned at the Windows taskbar. It is like the pinned software feature in Windows 7 and allows much easier and quicker access to websites.

It is recommended for users of old Internet Explorer versions to upgrade to the latest Internet Explorer 9. Although there are already millions downloads, the majority of Internet Explorer users are still using older versions at the time of writing. The slow pickup of latest browser is a problem for web designers as it causes an issue with backward compatibility. It will still be some time before HTML 5 and CSS 3 become the norm of the internet if users are still slow to upgrade their browsers.

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