Windows Store to Launch in 2012

Microsoft Windows runs on about 90% of all desktop and laptop computers. With its Windows 8 to be released in 2012, Microsoft is going to launch Windows Store which offers a one-stop market for developers to sell software applications to Windows users.

Traditionally, software are bought from physical stores, online shops and software companies’ websites. Things have changed in recent years with the rising popularity of smartphones. Apps are purchased in centralized online stores like Google Android Market and Apple’s App Store. This offers convenience to consumers while providing a platform for software developers to promote their work.

It will cost $49 USD for individual developer and $99 USD for companies to register at Windows Store. The revenue share to developers is 70%. But if the application makes $25,000 USD at Windows Store, the share to developers goes up to 80%. It also allows applications to sell items like upgrades and subscriptions without going through Windows Store. These make Windows Store more generous in terms of developers’ share than its peers at the time of writing.

Windows Store also wants to make its app certification policies as transparent as possible. They have issued its app certification policies on the internet so that developers can study and review. Feedback will be given if an app is rejected. Developers can then work on the feedback and improve the app.

For more information, please visit Windows Store blog here:

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