Microsoft to Upgrade Internet Explorer Automatically

Microsoft has announced plans to upgrade Internet Explorer automatically for users running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The upgrade will be done as part of the automatic Windows Update process to ensure the latest version of the browser is installed. Microsoft will roll out this service in January 2012, starting in Australia and Brazil first. It is good news for the internet users and web designers as it makes the internet more advanced and secure as a whole.

According to the statistics from, Internet Explorer owns about 33% market share of web browsers in November 2011. The latest version of Internet Explorer is version 9 but it only makes up 7.5% of all browsers. About 25.5% of browsers are still using older Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. It is not good for the internet as old and out-date browsers can have security loopholes which can cause problems to users’ computers. Old browsers also don’t support the latest web technology such as HTML5. Having such a high proportion of users using old browsers force web designers and developers to make sure websites will work well on those browsers. This poses a hurdle for websites to advance to fully utilize the benefits from latest web standard and technology.

Popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari are all offering some form of automatic upgrades. Some would inform the users that an update is available for their download and install. Some would upgrade the browser in silence without user’s knowledge of the update. These are good features as using the latest browsers improve security and web usability.

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