Google Chrome 15 Overtakes Internet Explorer 8 as Most Popular Browser

According to, Google Chrome 15 has overtaken Internet Explorer 8 and become world’s most popular browser in the last week of November 2011. Google Chrome 15 achieved a market share of 23.6% while Internet Explorer 8 stood at 23.5%.

But if all browsers versions are added up together, Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser while Google Chrome holds the number 2 spot.

The popularity of Google Chrome kept increasing since its launch. It had overtaken Mozilla Firefox and its use is still rising. With the introduction of automatic update of Internet Explorer by Microsoft, we can expect the use of Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions to fall and the market share of Internet Explorer 9 shall rise at the same time. We will see if Internet Explorer 9 will take the top spot or Google Chrome will continue its rise.

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