Potential Threats from HTML5

Under active development, HTML5 is the future of the internet language. HTML5 offers a lot more power than its predecessor HTML4. For example, it is removing the use of Java, Flash plugins and allows multimedia content to be embedded easily. Its power also makes it attractive to cybercriminals to exploit any weakness in the language […]

Guide to SSL Certificate Web Hosting

The main function of SSL certificate is to encrypt data transferred between a website user’s web browser and the web server hosting the website. It is especially important for websites that collect personal data, credit card data or other sensitive data to use SSL certificates. This helps to protect the confidentiality of the data. This article provides a guide to SSL certificate web hosting. […]

Computer Security, Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome

On 18 January 2010, the BBC reports that France and Germany have warned web users against using the Internet Explorer web browser due to its security problems. Web users are recommended to use alternative browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome for better computer security. This article explores computer security topics with Windows, Internet Explorer, […]