How to Use Web Hosting

Web hosting is the IT service which allows websites to appear on the internet. In general, web hosting also provides emails, FTP and online databases services. To use web hosting to run a website, a user will need a domain (such as This domain specifies the website address and the email domain (such as […]

Web Hosting Glossary

This article is a glossary of web hosting terms:


Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet

The previous article covers the HTML language which is used to define the structure and content of a webpage. This article introduces another important technology in writing webpages, the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). CSS is used to specify the presentation i.e. the look-and-feel of a webpage. It allows web developers to separate content and presentation […]

Introduction to HTML and HTML5

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is one of the most important elements in the internet technology. HTML is used to define the structure and content of a webpage. The browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome interprets the HTML code and presents the webpage to the user. This article provides an introduction to […]

Guide to SSL Certificate Web Hosting

The main function of SSL certificate is to encrypt data transferred between a website user’s web browser and the web server hosting the website. It is especially important for websites that collect personal data, credit card data or other sensitive data to use SSL certificates. This helps to protect the confidentiality of the data. This article provides a guide to SSL certificate web hosting. […]

How to Choose Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is an information technology service which allows a website to be accessible on the internet. Web hosting service nowadays comes with many additional features e.g. emails, web application support. There are thousands of web hosting companies in the world. It can be a daunting exercise to choose the right one. This article aims to provide a simple guide to choose web hosting service. […]