Web Hosting Comparison

Web Hosting Comparison Table

Below is a comparison table of CamHosting web hosting service plans. It shows the most commonly used features including web hosting space, emails, PHP, MariaDB / MySQL database etc. You can click on the feature name to read more information.

As we provide cPanel web hosting management system, the service plans also support PostgresSQL, phpPgAdmin, SFTP, SSH, DNS Editor etc.

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Features Tall Grande Standard Professional Advanced Enterprise Master
Web Hosting Space The total space for web pages, files, emails and databases. You may allocate the space freely. 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB 20GB 40GB 80GB
Monthly Bandwidth It is the monthly bandwidth limit of website and emails upload and download. 10GB 20GB Unlimited
Operating System We use stable and reliable operating system CloudLinux. As we provide cPanel, you do not need to use Linux directly. CloudLinux
Control Panel We provide cPanel web hosting control panel which is powerful and simple to use. You can manage your website and emails easily. cPanel
HK High Availability Cloud We use Hong Kong high availability cloud to connect with Hong Kong users at high speed. The cloud information technology infrastructure ensures the stability of the system. The cloud servers run on Xen platform originated from the University of Cambridge and CloudLinux operating system, which is more secure and stable then regular Linux system.
99.99% Upline Guarantee We use Hong Kong high availability cloud to provide stable and reliable services. We offer 99.99% uptime guarantee as a proof of confidence.
30-Day Total Refund Guarantee We provide 30-Day Total Refund Guarantee. There is no setup, administration or other hidden fees. You can use our services with total peace of mind and full confidence.
SSL Certficate The main function of SSL certificates is to encrypt data in transit. All CamHosting web hosting service plans come with free AutoSSL certificate. You may also purchase other SSL certificates. We can help to set up and install.
Cloud Anti-Spam System We provides Cloud Anti-Spam System with machine learning technology. The system quarantines spam emails in the cloud before reaching the inbox. You can use a browser to manage spam email, blacklist, whitelist etc easily.
Antivirus We use ClamAV antivirus to provide protection against computer virus.
Daily Backup CamHosting web hosting performs daily backup to protect data integrity.
Free Transfer Service We provide free transfer service to help transferring your website and email accounts to CamHosting from other service providers.
Email Accounts Cam Hosting web hosting supports email service. You may set up an email address for each of your staff and departments, boosting professional image. 10 20 Unlimited
Webmail Webmail allows you to send and receive emails using web browsers.
POP3, IMAP, SMTP You may configure your email software e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, Google Android, iPhone, iPad, Gmail to receive emails via POP3 / IMAP and send emails via SMTP.
Email Forwarders Forwarders allow you to forward emails to other email addresses.
Email Autoresponders Autoresponders allow you to set up automatic reply message to email senders.
PHP 5 / PHP 7 (can select version) You can select the version of PHP 5 or PHP 7 and set up PHP extensions.
MariaDB / MySQL Databases CamHosting web hosting supports PHP and MariaDB / MySQL. You can run web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SuiteCRM etc. 1 2 Unlimited
phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin is a web-based management interface for MariaDB / MySQL. You can launch phpMyAdmin from cPanel.
File Manager You may use File Manager of cPanel to manage the files in your web hosting account. You can also use it to upload and download files.
FTP Accounts You can set up FTP accounts in cPanel and use FTP to upload and download files. 10 20 Unlimited
Backup & Restore You can use Backup and Restore tools in cPanel to back up or restore your web hosting account easily.
Password Protect Directories You can set up a password to protect certain directory. A user will need to enter the valid password to access the web pages and files in the directory.
Subdomains You can divide your website into subsections using subdomains e.g. sales.mydomain.com, marketing.mydomain.com. 10 20 Unlimited
Domain Aliases If you have registered more than one domains, you can use Domain Aliases feature to point the domains to the same website. 2 2 Unlimited
Website Statistics You can use statistics tools in cPanel to understand the usage of your website.
Custom Error Pages When a website user encounters an error, the browser will display an error page. You can customize these error pages.
Other Features The web hosting service plans also support PostgreSQL, phpPgAdmin, SFTP, SSH, DNS Editor etc. Please contact us for further information.
1-year monthly fee HK$ 48 HK$ 78 HK$ 98 HK$ 188 HK$ 368 HK$ 728 HK$ 1,448
2-year special monthly fee HK$ 38 HK$ 58 HK$ 78 HK$ 148 HK$ 288 HK$ 578 HK$ 1,158
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